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Why Complete Coffee Suppliers?

At Complete Coffee, we live by our statements of value;

  1. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and always have been.
  2. Over 40 years in the coffee industry so far, we love what we do and want to share it with as many people as possible.
  3. All brands that we offer are proudly 100% Australian roasted in a state of the art automated roaster.
  4. We have an entire suite of products designed to enhance our clients offering to their customers or staff.
  5. First class customer service, we are on call for all your servicing needs day or night.
  6. Inquire through our website today and speak with an account manager the exact same day.
Statements of Value - Complete Coffee

What our Client’s are Saying

We believe the quality and consistency of Di Stefano Coffee combined with the A-grade service from Complete Coffee have given us the tools to create long-term success and year-on-year gains in sales revenue. Our  equipment is always well maintained and the 24/7 breakdown service provides total piece of mind. Quite simply, if we were to sum up Di Stefano in 2 words, they would be ‘Consistent’ and ‘Personal’.

Working with Michael Tama and the Team from Complete Coffee has been a fruitful endeavor. It has effectively given the AUR Store Network the ability to enhance their coffee range, increase profitability via strong margins and also increased retailer knowledge through regular tastings at stores in a try before you buy format. Thank you Complete Coffee for the support you have shown Australian United Retailers.

We have been using Di Stefano Coffee for over 13 years now across our many stores and the service we have received has been exemplary. Professional service from our accounts executive, including regular visits, servicing and the personal touch. Our customers absolutely love their daily coffee, we could not be happier with what Complete Coffee provide with their Di Stefano brand.

Tracey, Sage Cafe

The way Complete Coffee operate and distribute the Di Stefano brand align with my own ways of managing business and it makes things easy when you have so many other things to worry about in current times. My account manager is always available for whatever is needed, whether it be an urgent breakdown, simple grind adjustment or just a phone call to say hello.

Curated Brands | Coffee Supply Services

Complete Coffee house three flagship brands with each offering unique value, quality and designs for whatever you might require in the Australian coffee market. Whether in a cafe, office or at home we truly believe there is not a situation we are not equipped to handle. Explore each brand in further detail, then feel free to reach out to us for in depth information on your coffee needs.

Primo Caffe Logo with Coffee Beans Roasting in Background - Complete Coffee
Di Stefano Logo with Person in Background Pouring Frothed Milk into Espresso Cup - Complete Coffee
Green Barista Logo with Farmer in Background Raking in Sunny Green Field - Complete Coffee

Sustainability & Green Options

Complete Coffee have joined TerraCycle in the Roast & Return program with Di Stefano Coffee Roasters and Green Barista announcing their new-found capabilities to provide a more sustainable product to the Australian market. Their intention is to provide customers and clients with a program that hopes to reduce waste to landfill.

In addition, our exclusive supply partners, Primo Products have announced that approximately 40% of their manufacturing activities are now conducted utilising solar energy. We are conscious of four core principles;

  1. Recycling & Composting of Packaging
  2. Clean Energy for use in Manufacturing.
  3. Ethical Sourcing of Product.
  4. 100% Australian Roasted & Owned Co
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Certifications & Qualifications

Halal Compliant

Complete Coffee are totally aware that customers have requirements that come in all varieties. At the moment, we offer certifications that make our products safe for Halal coffee consumers whether consuming in Australia or abroad, leave the onus with us. Enquire with our team for more information.

Ethical & Organic Certified

We currently offer a number of products throughout our range of brands that are Fairtrade & Organic Certified. Today’s current climate offers a wide range of customisations for anything coffee, we are proud to offer you these capabilities to keep you and your customers content and satisfied with the quality of their consumption.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our exclusive supply partners Primo Products are HACCP and SQF certified, amongst the highest level of standards in manufacturing practice allowing you as the customer to either offer our brands or a tailor-made brand of your own to retailers and customers that require the highest of standards.

Halal Certified
Organic Certified
Fairtrade Certified
HACPP System Certification

Reach Out – Ask as many questions as you like…

Complete Coffee Solutions

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We’ve got you covered. We would love for you to enquire direct to us, use the live chat feature or arrange a free sampling so you can arrive at a swift conclusion for your coffee needs. We weren’t lying when we said that we can cater to any situation, throw us a curve-ball and let us do the heavy lifting