Opening a coffee shop is an exciting endeavour. By transforming your passion into a business, you get to share your love for coffee with others while turning a profit. But, before you can display your open sign and market your local business on social media, you need to be fully equipped for the job. Here’s a helpful list of equipment you need to be a successful coffee shop owner:

1. Coffee Machines

Depending on the size of your coffee shop, you may be in search of one large commercial coffee machine or multiple small machines. We recommend investing in one of the two brands with the best coffee machines in Australia: Wega or La MarzoccoWega has a reputation for creating timeless and aesthetically pleasing machines that produce high-quality coffee. Their design prioritises functionality and edge, so your coffee machine can walk the walk and talk the talk. La Marzocco machines are focused on quality, consistency, and tradition – producing an unforgettable coffee experience similar to a cup purchased from the Australian cafe market. Both options are some of the best commercial coffee machines in Australia and shouldn’t be overlooked while choosing your equipment. 

2. Coffee Grinder 

A commercial coffee grinder is also an essential piece of equipment when you’re producing large quantities of coffee every day. Anfim Milano Special Performance grinders, for example, are considered game-changing commercial coffee grinders in the service industry based on their ability to oxidise coffee beans fast and produce the ultimate freshness and unmatched taste in every cup of coffee. 

3. Coffee Tamper

An automatic coffee tamper is an essential tool for packing espresso grounds as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Puqpress precision automatic coffee tamper is a unique piece of equipment, providing the perfect level tamp for every shot no matter who uses the machine. This will save you time during the training process and streamline the workflow for your baristas. 

4. Coffee Beans 

Finding the best coffee beans to buy for your first shop can be stressful – you don’t want to waste your money on a variety that your customers don’t enjoy right off the bat or grow to dislike. Knowing what type of coffee shop you want to be is critical too. Is Specialty coffee going to be a focus? Or are you going to be more of a fast-paced business where a high bean turnover is the focus? 

Understanding this fact should determine your choice of coffee beans. Complete Coffee supplies two main different brands of coffee beans to buy for your coffee shop, Primo Coffee and Di Stefano Coffee, both of which stand for quality, taste, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

At Complete Coffee, we can be your total supplier of all things coffee. From coffee machines and coffee beans to tampers, grinders, and other accessories – we can provide you with the tools you need to create a successful coffee shop environment. 

For more information about the brands we work with, equipment availability and servicing inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today (or read more about us on our blog!).