May 5, 2022

How To Open a Cafe: A Complete Guide

Congratulations, you’re opening a cafe! Whether you’ve been dreaming of taking a chance on your coffee shop for decades or you just recently decided to jump at this new business venture, it’s a journey that requires drive, motivation, and love for freshly roasted coffee. Before you can open up a shop and let the dark roast aroma fill the city streets, consider our checklist to ensure you’re properly prepared to service the coffee community!

1. Pick a Cafe Location

If you want to run a successful coffee business, make sure you go where the coffee lovers can be found! A location in the middle of the city can work wonders for your business, as many people venture in and out of coffee shops before work and during their lunch breaks. Similarly, university studies have shown that dense locations can be another ideal location for a cafe.

2. Connect With Coffee Equipment Suppliers

Instead of purchasing equipment that you may not need, invest in commercial coffee machines. At Complete Coffee, we can help you find all of the equipment you need to create the most delicious cup of coffee your customers will crave. From automatic coffee machines to tea and coffee brewers, commercial espresso machines, and coffee grinders, we have everything you need to create the coffee business of your dreams. We can also provide coffee machine repairs when needed. When you purchase a package, you gain coffee machine repair and services whenever you need them. That means if you need spare parts or coffee machine services in Sydney, a company representative will come to assess the problem and fix it. 

3. Find Coffee Bean Suppliers

The next and arguably most important phase of the cafe opening process: coffee beans. In this day and age, coffee quality is what cafes and restaurants are commonly known for. This makes finding the right coffee suppliers your best friend when it comes to finding top-quality coffee beans to buy for your cafe and business. It’s important to try a few different coffee beans out before you settle on your preferred blend. Important questions to consider are:

  • What target market is your cafe trying to service?
  • What is the demographic of the area where your cafe is located?

These two questions should guide you when it comes to deciding what type of coffee beans to get for your cafe or restaurant. Local Australian coffee brand Primo Coffee produces high-quality Italian-style coffee beans. If you’re chasing more specialty coffee options, visit Di Stefano Coffee.

4. Hire Staff

Staff are arguably the most important asset to any business. They will shape your customers’ perception of your cafe or restaurant, so ensuring you pick the right people for your business is crucial! Take time choosing your staff based on skills involving customer service, crafting drinks such as latte art, creating meals, and taking care of your venue with a passion for quality service

5. Create Your Food Menu

Should you open a cafe, coffee may well be the focal point for you, but do not neglect the food! Food menus need expert opinion, overt attention and consistent curation. A Head Chef will more than likely set the food menu (if you have a head chef), but adding your opinion is vital, as it is your cafe after all. Work with your family, friends and staff members alike to curate a delicious menu that pairs well with your coffee and other offerings. 

And one final bit of advice you mustn’t forget! Once your venue is up and running, having a coffee machine servicing partner locked in is critical. Coffee machines are delicate tools and require consistent maintenance for them to thrive. Should you require any assistance in this area as you open your cafe, get in touch with a Complete Coffee team member today!

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