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‘Excellence in the Art of Coffee’

Di Stefano Value Statement

Our Identity

Proudly family-owned and operated, Di Stefano Specialty Coffee Roasters has been firmly rooted in the Australian premium coffee culture since 1982. Our pledge has always been to enrich the daily lives of our discerning coffee customers via expertise, an unwavering dedication to quality, and profound respect for our heritage that has forged our path to roasting excellence.

A commitment to responsible and sustainable sourcing, ethical production practices and community-focused initiatives are paramount to us in the development of our products – delivering to you our coffee roasting excellence with purpose.

At Di Stefano, we create value through our brand pillars that enable us to deliver sustained success to our clients time and time again. They are:

Specialty Coffee Roasting Techniques, Roasted in Australia, Maintain a Quality Focus, Deliver Service Excellence, Assist Customers with the our base of Coffee Knowledge & a combination of Sustainable Elements (Clean Energy, Reforest Now & Home Compostable Capsules)

Food Service Specialists

Di Stefano Specialty Coffee Roasters have been servicing the Australian café and food service industry for decades, we pride ourselves on excellent quality, service and technical know how. We use these elements to empower our client’s so they are able to get the best possible result day-in day-out. Click the button below to peruse our range of DS specific products that are on offer for your business, we provide a range of options, pricing, point-of-sale goods and equipment free-on-loan.

Check out our page Equipment & Servicing for more details on what type of quality equipment we source in gratis for your business. Our service specialists are all in-house technicians, meaning that you get the best possible quality of service with our team who will act as your account liaison, service tech, relationship manager and delivery person. We strongly believe that week-to-week contact is the best way to manage our client relationships as we know the situation changes every day and you need the accountability to maxmise revenue.

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Responsible. Ethical. Sustainable.

Our Sustainable Campaign Pledge

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