At Complete Coffee, we sternly believe that servicing is of the upmost importance. It is impossible for our client’s to achieve success if they do not have the options available to ensure maximum up-time for their equipment and consistency of their product. All of our account executives have the skills available to service your machinery on the spot. Types of service we offer;

  1. 24/7 Breakdown Service – If your equipment goes down, or even if you just believe there is an issue we will be there to help you out as soon as humanly possible with our after hours service. Time is money, we know that and pledge to you quick and reliable service to get you back to doing what you do best (running your business).
  2. Direct Contact  At your disposal is your account representative at all hours of the day, call them up and discuss any needs you might have. Simple grind adjustment, a visit to inspect something or anything you might need we have the tools to assist.
  3. Servicing Included in Package – Don’t pay a cent for your regular servicing, when you sign on make it a part of the negotiations so that you can manage your business costs as they arise. Nobody like hidden costs, we are here to simplify the coffee portion of your business.

You will see a company representative bi-weekly if not weekly. We are always around to assess if we can do more for our clients and their business needs, we challenge you to ask for more.

Espresso Machines

La Marzocco – Made in Florence

La Marzocco remains an artisan company, while offering important advancements in equipment technology to its customers and in the industry. The proverbial work-horse, La Marzocco took the Australian cafe market by storm around 2010 and quickly became the literal benchmark for quality, consistency and tradition. We stock the ‘LaMa’ range, please enquire for more details on your coffee making needs.

At present, we have choices between the GB5, Linea Classic and Linea PB, all of which have the highest quality and standards in the coffee machine industry.

La Marzocco
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La Marzocco PB-Linea

La Marzocco GB5

La Marzocco Linea Classic

Wega – ‘Macchine Per Caffe’

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Wega are famous for being makers of stylish commercial machinery of only the highest quality for your home, office and business. An espresso machine that never says die, exceptional quality milk and espresso style coffee with a functional and edgy design. In the Australian market since 1987, proven and tested to be the perfect business tool for any cafe owner.

We currently stock two varieties of the Wega machines, that being the 2 group Pegaso and the 3 group Polaris, please check out the Wega product brochure for more detailed specifications to suit your needs

Wega Polaris

Wega Pegaso

Wega Pegaso

Grinders & Auto Tampers

Mazzer – ‘The Mathematics of Coffee’

Mazzer is a brand name synonymous with the cafe and food service industry, so reliable and consistent that it can make a barista champion out of anyone. We currently stock between four & six different models of Mazzer depending on our client’s needs.

The classic automatic range with manual lever dosing we stock the Jolly, Major & Robur varieties. In the Electronic range with auto dosing we stock the Major & Robur varieties. Please note that the Robur has conical blades versus the Major & Jolly having flat blades.

Electronic Grinders
Automatic Grinders

Major & Robur Electronic

Major & Robur Automatic

Mazzer Grigio
Mazzer Robur White

Anfim Milano – ‘The Heart of a Good Coffee’

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Anfim Milano Special Performance grinders stand as the industry game changer in food service & cafe grinders. There unique grind on demand system executed via vertical standing gravity induced blades maximise the freshness of every dose of coffee. Grind on demand minimises the amount of time the coffee oxidises in the ground state to deliver maximum taste. .

We currently stock the Anfin SPII in white and black to your preference

Anfim SPII Grind-on-Demand

PuqPress – Precision Coffee Tamper

Barista Technology (based in the Netherlands) created the first Puqpress ever made.
It was half a meter high and looked like a rocket, but did the job just fine. In 2015 they launched the 3rd generation of Puqpress and today it is available in 45 countries worldwide. Now baristas can focus on what they do best: getting all the variables of brewing delicious coffee just right.

The goal is to deliver a perfect level tamp for every shot, regardless of the barista on duty. We currently stock the Q2 Precision Coffee Tamper in Black & White.

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Puqpress – Q2 Precision Tamper

Automatic Machines

Melitta Cafina – ‘Transform & Unfold’

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State-of-the-art automated Melitta coffee machines… a perfect offering for your staff or customers, taking the effort out of your morning cup of coffee. Lower your overheads, increase the quality of your coffee & enhance the aesthetics of your store or workplace.

We stock models that can produce up to 250 coffees per hour, dispense dual milk, vended hot chocolate, milk cooler, cup warmer, payment terminals and a stack of features bound to excite the coffee lover. These systems come 100% HACCP certified along with our own coffee so you can be sure that every box is ticked and satisfaction is maximised.

XT4 – 150 Cups/Hour

XT6 – 170 Cups/Hour

XT8 – 250 Cups/Hour

Brewing Equipment

FETCO – Food Equipment Technology

FETCO is a solutions focused, customer-centric partner that provides environmentally conscious, economical, and customized beverage equipment across all foodservice channels.

Their advanced manufacturing techniques ensure pinpoint accuracy and efficient use of raw materials. For what is considered the most popular brand in foodservice catering equipment, FETCO brewing equipment and tools are designed to handle hundreds of guests in fast-paced venues whilst delivering maximum satisfaction time and time again.

We currently stock the XTS range, filters and airpots for the perfect brewing experience.

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XTS – Single Airpot Brewer

XTS – Dual Airpot Brewer

Dual Dispensing Unit