Staff Profiles

Our Story

We, as a provider of coffee and equipment solutions, have been in the Australian market since 1982. In that time, we have amassed a wealth of skills, knowledge and industry know-how. Commencing with Giuseppe Di Stefano in 1982, by 1987 he had created the Primo Caffe brand, it was his love, passion and penchant.

His son Nicola followed in his steps, working and learning throughout the years to become a master roaster and wise businessman like his father. Nicola created the Di Stefano Coffee brand and pioneered the design and implementation of a state of the art roasting facility in Wetherill Park NSW. Now, the third generation in the form of Nicolas Di Stefano is following the same path, injecting the same love, passion and penchant into the company and its key stakeholders.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our clients to help them achieve their business objectives. Our values are closely linked with our company history; family, quality and passion

The path for Complete Coffee has been long and challenging, but fulfilling and rewarding. We would not be where we are today without our talented, committed and driven staff who treat the business like their own.

Meet The Team


Giuseppe Di Stefano – Founding Master Roaster & Entrepreneur

In 1982, Maria Di Stefano (Joe’s wife) suggested they start a cafe where they would roast their own coffee. Joe agreed, La Casa Del Caffe (The House of Coffee) was born, a cafe that the whole family ran until about 1987 where Joe’s appetite for everything coffee grew into something that would become the Complete Coffee group we know today. He is missed dearly.


Nicola Di Stefano – 2nd Generation Master Roaster & Entrepreneur

Nick learned his craft under Joe, not an easy task as his father was very particular about how and why things should be done. Nick would take on all roles in the business from roasting, packing, deliveries, sales and general running of the business. By 1998, Nick was starting to run things and the business began to take on a renewed and improved focus.

Nicolas Di Stefano – 3rd Generation Master Roaster & Entrepreneur

Nicolas began learning from his grandfather at an early age, Joe always keen to impart wisdom and knowledge on his future heir. Ways of viewing the world, systems, people and logic all served to be a solid foundation for the young protege. He took the long way throughout his studies and eventually realised that he had the brains, but all he needed was the focus.


Michael – General Manager

From an extensive hospitality and business background and having used our coffee for a number of years. Our business relationship started and grew from 2011, when Michael joined our team, he has been successfully providing an abundance of services throughout the company and its various business operations.


Melinda – HR Manager

Fast forward from completing a Bachelor in Hospitality Management at UWS in 1999, Melinda started with the company when the Olympics came to Sydney in 2000 which was an extremely exciting year for hospitality in Sydney. Learning from the ground up under Giuseppe and Nick, she’s worked in all aspects of the business.


Daran – Chief Technical Officer

Daran is a highly skilled and qualified bio-chemist, having spent more than 10 years in the Australian government analytical laboratories and a further 20 years collectively in corporate quality control, assurance and management. Boasting a Bachelors and Honours in Chemistry and Microbiology, Masters in Food Quality Control.


Kathie – Office & Procurement Manager

Working for Complete Coffee for over 15 years, Kathie started with the company in our telesales department and very quickly progressed into a sales support role – offering support and assistance to the sales team and management team. After a brief absence on maternity leave, Kathie took over the Office Manager position.

Laura – Office 2.I.C & Sales Support Coordinator

Laura started her career in hospitality, having managed busy commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels for 5 years. Looking for a change and with her passion for customer service, Laura started working with Complete Coffee in 2013 where she has successfully grown throughout each business department.

Stephan – National Sales Manager

With a strong background in the aviation industry in sales and development, Stephans love for coffee and his journey with us started in 2005. He has navigated throughout the constant changing and often challenging scope of the coffee industry over the years, growing into the leader and manager he is today.

David – Production Manager

Having worked in the automotive repair industry for over 30 years, David joined our team in 2015 as a plant maintenance and machine operator. With recognised skills in electrical wiring and welding, David’s aptitude in operating our Brambati coffee roaster and industrial coffee equipment led to him becoming Production Manager in 2018.

Rajandeep – Production 2.I.C

Having originally started as a chef at our Coffee Warehouse business at Homebush in 2011, he has progressed in the company for over 12 years, learning how the coffee business works from the ground up. Starting as a production allrounder, Raj quickly moved into Production Supervisor and recently to the trusted position of Production 2.I.C.