Commercial Coffee Grinders


Mazzer – ‘The Mathematics of Coffee’

Mazzer is a brand name synonymous with the cafe and food service industry, so reliable and consistent that it can make a barista champion out of anyone. We currently stock between four and six different models of Mazzer commercial coffee grinders depending on our client’s needs.

The classic automatic coffee grinder range with manual lever dosing is available. We stock the Jolly, Major & Robur varieties. In the Electronic commercial coffee grinder range with auto dosing we stock the Major & Robur varieties. Please note that the Robur has conical blades versus the Major & Jolly having flat blades.

Electronic machine specifications.

Automatic machine specifications.


Major & Robur Electronic

Major & Robur Automatic

Mazzer Grigio
Mazzer Robur White

Anfim Milano – ‘The Heart of a Good Coffee’

Anfim Milano Special Performance commercial coffee grinders stand as the industry game changer in food service & cafe grinders. There unique grind on demand system executed via vertical standing gravity induced blades maximise the freshness of every dose of coffee. Automatic coffee grinders on demand minimises the amount of time the coffee oxidises in the ground state to deliver maximum taste.

We currently stock the Anfin SPII in white and black to your preference.

Click here to download the specifications.


Anfim SPII Grind-on-Demand

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