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FETCO Coffee Brewers & Dispensers

FETCO is a solutions focused, customer-centric partner that provides environmentally conscious, economical, and customised tea and coffee brewers across all foodservice channels.

Their advanced manufacturing techniques ensure pinpoint accuracy and efficient use of raw materials. For what is considered the most popular brand in foodservice catering equipment, FETCO brewing equipment and tools are designed to handle hundreds of guests in fast-paced venues whilst delivering maximum satisfaction time and time again.

We currently stock the XTS range of tea and coffee brewers, filters and airpots.

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XTS – Single Airpot Coffee Brewer

Image of a Fetco commercial coffee machine. Model XTS – Single Airpot Brewer. | Complete Coffee

XTS – Dual Airpot Coffee Brewer

Image of a Fetco commercial coffee machine. Model XTS – Dual Airpot Brewer. | Complete Coffee

XTS – Dual Dispenser Coffee Brewer Unit

Image of a Fetco commercial coffee machine. Model Dual Dispensing Unit. | Complete Coffee

Coffee Brewer FAQs

A coffee brewer is a machine used to brew coffee by extracting flavour from ground coffee beans with hot water. It typically consists of a water reservoir, a heating element, a brewing chamber, and a carafe or dispenser.

Coffee brewers work by heating water to an optimal temperature and then passing it through a filter containing coffee grounds. The hot water extracts the flavour from the grounds as it flows through, resulting in brewed coffee that collects in a carafe or dispenser.

There are various types of coffee brewers available, including drip brewers, pour-over brewers, French press brewers, espresso machines, and single-serve brewers. Each type has its own brewing method and features. At Complete Coffee, we offer the FETCO range of coffee brewers.

Coffee brewers offer convenience, consistency, and the ability to brew larger quantities of coffee. They save time and effort compared to manual brewing methods and ensure consistent results with proper settings and measurements.

Yes, many coffee brewers allow you to adjust the strength of your coffee by controlling factors such as the coffee-to-water ratio, brew time, or the fineness of the coffee grind. All of these features are available in the FETCO range of coffee brewers we have available.

Coffee brewers generally have removable parts that are easy to clean. Regular maintenance, such as descaling and cleaning the brewing components, helps ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Coffee brewers are compatible with various types of coffee, including ground coffee, pre-packaged coffee pods, or capsules, depending on the specific brewer model. The FETCO range we have on offer at Complete Coffee works with ground coffee.

The cost of a coffee brewer can vary depending on the brand, features, and brewing capacity. Prices can range from affordable options for home use to higher-end commercial-grade machines.

The lifespan of a coffee brewer depends on its quality, usage, and maintenance. With proper care, a well-built coffee brewer can last several years. The FETCO range of coffee brewers we stock at Complete Coffee is no different, built to last many years.

Coffee brewer machines areversatile and efficient devices that help businesses elevate their coffee offerings and streamline their operations. Here’s why coffee brewer machines are an excellent investment for businesses:

  1. Efficiency and Speed: Time is valuable, especially in a bustling business environment. Coffee brewer machines are designed for efficiency, allowing you to brew large quantities of coffee quickly and consistently.
  2. Consistent Quality: Coffee brewer machines ensure a consistent brew every time, eliminating variations in taste and strength. The precise brewing process, coupled with advanced features like temperature control and brewing timers, guarantees a consistently delicious cup of coffee with optimal flavour extraction.
  3. Ease of Use: Coffee brewer machines are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to operate for anyone. With intuitive controls and programmable settings, brewing coffee becomes a breeze.
  4. Versatility in Brewing Options: Coffee brewer machines offer a variety of brewing options to cater to diverse tastes. Whether you prefer classic drip coffee, bold espresso, or specialty beverages like cappuccinos and lattes, these machines can accommodate your preferences.
  5. Time and Cost Savings: Investing in a coffee brewer machine can yield significant time and cost savings for your business. By automating the brewing process, you eliminate the need for manual preparation and the associated labor costs.
  6. Reliability and Durability: Coffee brewer machines are built to withstand the demands of a commercial environment. Constructed with durable materials and robust components, they can endure high-volume usage and maintain consistent performance over time.

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