Sustainable Coffee Practices

Environmental and social costs of poor business and government management have become a topic of focus in the last 10 years. What we are beginning to experience in the present day in terms of negative impacts to daily life is a multi-faceted, complex issue that is a result of many different compounding factors, including but not limited to; 

  • Growth of population and urban densities 
  • Deforestation from mining, farming and urban expansion causing ecosystem degradation and loss of biodiversity 
  • Carbon emissions from agriculture, energy production, manufacturing and transportation
  • Plastics and waste pollution ending up in our oceans and river systems. Long term effect of microplastics entering the food chain and causing further long term damage
  • Use of child and slave labour to supply much of the western world’s products, such as; clothing, cocoa, cobalt, 
  • Accumulation of wealth and power within the world’s top 0.1% of the population. 25% of the global population is considered moderately to severely hungry.

Today’s Impact

These compounding issues are not an exhaustive list of the global issue at hand, but serve to paint a dire picture of the state of the planet in today’s times. Sustainability is of particular importance to the global coffee industry, some of the direct impacts being experienced are;

  1. Colombia are the second largest growers of Arabica beans in the world at 780million kg’s per annum. Now, they are experiencing more and more difficulty growing the greens at the same altitudes as the rising global temperatures cause lower yields and crop spoilage. Moving further and further up the hills and mountains will only work for so long as the temperatures continue to rise. Global food chains are being squeezed under the pressure of these harsh shifts in weather, many livelihoods, ways of life and cultures are at risk of being extinguished.  
  2. Rising costs of the morning cup of coffee can be in part tied to the greater difficulty in growing the beans, local farmers deciding to produce alternative crops and growth in global demand for coffee. Local farmers will produce what best provides for their family and local community. Extremely low prices are paid directly to farmers for their product, lack of basic infrastructure such as access to running water, education and schools, medical and hospital access are just some of the issues experienced by the everyday farmer. 

Our Approach

At Complete Coffee, we have started to reduce our carbon footprint and societal impacts by utilizing a few techniques that embody the think global, act local mentality;

  1. Installation of solar energy on all of our manufacturing and warehousing facilities. At present we source half of our electricity needs from solar energy, a major offset in our quest to reduce direct impacts on the environment
  2. Partnership with Reforest Now, we are almost 1 year into our pledge of 1 hectare of rainforest plantings in the subtropical rainforests of northern NSW. Reforest Now aims to regenerate degraded low lying rainforest regions by using a mix of different species that will support the repopulation of endangered species, promote biodiversity and reduce overall carbon impacts. The important piece here, these plantings are not empty tree lodges that are slated for the timber supply industry but are government protected regions that will flourish for years to come. 
  3. Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified manufacturer and seller. We have the capability to supply under all of these certifications that are aimed at a few different outcomes such as;
    1. Improving Livelihoods, infrastructure and access to essential services. 
    2. Maintaining and regenerating habitats, forests and important ecosystems 
    3. Pesticide and harmful chemical free products

All of these initiatives are designed to provide our clients in the corporate, hospitality and hotels sectors with confidence that everything we undertake is in line with industry best practice in this area.

Education & Awareness

We as a family business strive to provide the best possible outcomes for our customers, employees and society as a whole. The goal for us is to eventually provide a carbon neutral and socially beneficial product to the Australian market without the need for green-washing terminology or outcomes. It should be the status quo that we as a country and a species work toward the common goal of common good as the interdependence of our lives, even though not always obvious, is inherent in a modern society. 

At present, Complete Coffee is working on a range of initiatives that aim to reduce the use of plastic, reduce carbon emissions, recycling of organic waste and support the local community. We want the opportunity to support your business in its sustainability goals, contact us today and find out how. 

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