Anfim Coffee Grinders

Anfim Milano – ‘The Heart of a Good Coffee’

Anfim Milano takes pride in its commercial coffee products – with over 50 years in the industry, Anfim labels itself as “the heart of good coffee” and with good reason. Each product is designed to curate a pleasant coffee beverage preparation experience from the moment you grind your coffee beans until you sip your sweet espresso. 

At Complete Coffee, we believe in Anfim’s ability to perfect commercialised espresso bean grinding and make it a simple and seamless experience for baristas of all skill levels. That’s why we carry Anfim coffee grinders and encourage high volume coffee shops to take advantage of this quality commercial coffee product.

Anfim SPII Grind-on-Demand

Anfim SP2: Details and Specifications

Anfim built the Anfim SP2 with busy coffee shops in mind. This product exhibits quality and efficiency; the Anfim SP2 is on-demand, heavy duty, and simple to operate, making it a top choice for professional grade coffee grinders 

Read on to learn about the specifics and details that make this coffee grinder an efficient and user friendly option for your coffee house or cafe.

Anfim SP2 Details and Features

This specific Anfim grinder was designed to create a seamless coffee grinding experience for cafe staff and baristas. The grinding discs are coated in titanium to reduce wear and tear, while a dual fan system is in place to reduce heat and noise while the machine is in process. 

A stepless grind adjustment, paired with top of the line user friendly software, allows consistent and exact dosing when it’s time to get your coffee grounds ready for the coffee machine. 

The SP2 also uses start/stop automatic activation grinding technology, which may be the most useful feature in the Anfim grinder. This means you and your baristas operate the grinder with no hands, allowing staff members to continue working and getting coffee beverages ready in a busy working environment. 

Anfim SP2 Technical Specs 

  1. Burr diameter: 7m SP mm
  2. Burr material: Titanium coated burrs
  3. Voltage/frequency/phase: 220-240/50/1
  4. Watt: 720
  5. RPM: 650 RPM
  6. Grinding capacity: 5-6 KG/day
  7. Grinding time for a single espresso: 2.2 seconds
  8. Bean hopper capacity: 2.0 kg
  9. Dimensions: 220x620x370 mm
  10. Net weight: 16.3 kg
  11. Shipping weight: 18.4 kg

Get the Anfim Grinder with Complete Coffee  

Finding an espresso grinder that can withstand the hustle and bustle of your business should be a top priority. Instead of resorting to a manual coffee grinder in a busy working environment, consider the Anfim SP2 coffee grinder. Built for coffee shops, cafes and other organisations that produce large volumes of coffee. Anfim has the capacity to grind coffee beans quickly, with precision and attention to detail. Pair this with your PuqPress commercial coffee tamper for the ultimate barista making combo!

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