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When we think of coffee machines, our thoughts may not immediately go to the coffee tamper as an essential piece of equipment. However if you want to make a perfect espresso every time, then you need to consider an automatic coffee tamper. A perfect cup of espresso requires a precisely level tamp of the coffee grounds, and a precise pressure range of that tamp. It may seem like we’re bringing a lot of mechanical engineering into something that is truly an art, but coffee is every bit as technical as it is artistic.

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Puqpress Q2 Coffee Tamper

What is a Tamper?

Tampers are tools that pack espresso grounds into the cup or basket of the espresso machine  group handle. You want the coffee grounds to be perfect with a level tamp every time,so that you get the perfect espresso shot. You are turning a bag of loose coffee into a perfectly compressed coffee grounds “cake”. 

And there’s science behind it. When the water goes through the grounds, if they’re too loosely packed then the water will hardly take on the flavour of the coffee at all. But the tamper ensures perfectly compressed coffee grounds which means the water will not find one little crack, one path of least resistance, and it will instead fill the entirety of the coffee grounds and then come dribbling out the bottom into the espresso cup. 

You get the full flavour and the full power of the coffee grounds.

Features of the State of the Art PuqPress Q2

Controlling the Pressure

The PuqPress Q2 enables you to control the pressure of the tamp, so that it is in between 5 and 30 kg of force, and you’re able to raise and lower that in increments of 1 kg. Play with the pressures and settings, raise it high, lower it down, and find the perfect tamp for you in that perfect cup of espresso.

Different Tamping Profiles

There’s more to tamping down coffee than merely the amount of pressure: there’s also the question of how fast the coffee is being pressed. Do you want it to press down hard and fast? Do you want gentle and constant pressure? 

Each one of these will change the tone and taste of your cup, and you can dial this in to get it perfect. This is creative craftsmanship at work.

Get One Million Tamps

Yes, the PuqPress Q2 is not an appliance that will wear out any time soon. It has a twoyear warranty that has zero limits on the number of tamps that you crank out on this machine. Try to wear it down–it can take it.

Non-Stick Finish

Coffee grounds are one less thing you need to worry about with this easily-washable coffee machine. The non-stick tamper finish ensures that perfectly compressed coffee does not translate into a nightmare of cleaning and the cleaning instructions are simple to follow in only a few steps.

Unparalleled Engineering and State of the Art Technology

The design of the PuqPress has taken into account every detail of the best espresso tamper. The PuqPress automatic tamper ensures that each coffee is precisely calibrated to your specifications, so you can wake right up and get your morning started off the right way.

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