Our Hotel Coffee Machine Options

We offer a total solution for the hotel environment: coffee machines for hotel rooms, coffee machines for hotel breakfasts (and buffets), and and coffee machines for hotel lobbys. We know full well that there are many product, service, certifications and capabilities needed to serve all guests with complete competence.



Are you having a function at your hotel? Maybe a breakfast or lunch event? We can provide coffee machines for hotel breakfast functions and any other type of equipment needed.

This will include everything from coffee machines, to grinders, to tampers and guidance on coffee making.

Breakfast Service


Our range of automatic coffee machines are best in class. So, if you need a coffee machine for hotel breakfast to keep your guests happy, we have you covered.

Our Melitta Cafina coffee machines are big, durable, and capable of making multiple cups at once. Add them to a buffet table and let your guests serve themselves.

In Room Use


Need something a little simpler? How about a coffee machine for hotel rooms? Not all guests will be staying for a breakfast or lunch function, or opt to eat at the buffet breakfast each morning.

Our coffee machines for hotel rooms use single-serve pods, minimising mess and waste. They’re also very straightforward, so your guests can serve themselves easily and freely.

We’re Hotel Coffee Specialists

The work of a good hotel coffee machine supplier doesn’t stop at the point of sale. As part of our Complete Coffee solutions, we offer a range of services to keep your machines in working order and your guests happy. Get in touch with our team to lear more.




Delicious Curated Coffee

Complete Coffee house two flagship brands with each offering unique value and quality, depending on the type of hotel or establishment you operate.

We introduce Primo Caffe and Di Stefano Coffee. As always, if you have any questions, please contact our team to learn more.


Primo Caffe is a family-run coffee company that been in business for ober 40 years. This Aussie-owned brand provides a complete solution to cafés and restaurants, including some of the best-tasting capsules.


Di Stefano serves the Australian café and food sector and has played a major role in giving Aussie coffee its enviable reputation. Di Stefano’s coffee is roasted in Australia and the brand is devoted to clean energy practices, including carbon-neutral delivery.

We don’t just offer Hotel Coffee Machines

Our packages include coffee tampers, coffee grinders, coffee brewers and coffee beans, depending on the type of hotel operation you are running. Not matter the requirements, Complete Coffee can help.


Coffee & Tea Brewers

Not everyone staying at your hotel may be a coffee drinker, so it’s important to have all bases covered. Our FETCO coffee and tea brewers are an ideal piece of equipment to have on hand for your morning rush.

Brew a large batch of tea in your FETCO brewer, whilst the automatic coffee machine makes the coffee. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Coffee Grinders

Do you have a barista present during meal service? Then you may need a coffee grinder to pair with an espresso coffee machine. We stock Mazzer and Anfim Milano coffee grinders. Both are market leading coffee grinders here in Australia.

We have a range of different specs to suit the needs of your hotel or establishment. Get in touch with our team to learn more.


Hotel Coffee Machine FAQs

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

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Email us at query@completecoffee.com.au

It depends on the type of machine, as well as the additional equipment and supplies. Our hotel and event coffee solutions are always competitively priced though and we offer solutions for all businesses. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’ll find a package that works for you.

We can make your life easier regardless of how big your hotel is. We’ll find the right machine for your guests/staff/events, arrange for other equipment and supplies, and make sure the machines are serviced, maintained, and repaired. A good hotel needs great coffee, and that’s where we come in.

Most hotels offer some kind of tea and coffee making facility. That doesn’t mean you need a professional coffee machine and bags of premium coffee in each room, though. A simple machine will suffice, along with a few pods.

Yes, as a hotel manager/owner, you should instruct your staff to clean and sanitise the machines. They’re easily overlooked, but they won’t clean themselves. Not only can coffee oils and other detritus damage the machine and ruin the taste, but they’re also unsanitary. If you’re worried about hotel coffee machine cleanliness as a guest, simply give it the once-over, make sure it’s clean, and be sure to refresh the water.

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We’ve got you covered. We would love for you to enquire direct to us, or arrange a free sampling so you can arrive at a swift conclusion for your coffee needs.