Wega Pegaso 2 Group Coffee Machine

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Wega Pegaso

Introducing the Wega Pegaso 2 Group Espresso Machine, a masterful blend of Italian ingenuity and Australian coffee culture. With its 2 group heads, this machine is the heart of any café, ensuring swift and precise extraction for every order. Crafted with care, its sleek design invites customers to indulge in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

The Wega Pegaso 2 Group coffee machine runs on a 3400W / 1 x 20 Amp Plug connection and is compatible with most electronic connections.

Ensure you have enough space to fit the machine in your establishment. The dimensions of the 2 Group Wega Pegaso are: 740mm (W) x 555mm (D) x 515mm (H).

The 2 Group Wega Pegaso is more than capable of withstanding the pressure of a peak-hour coffee rush and can make hundreds of coffees per day.

Voltage: 240V

Boiler Capacity: 10.5L

Net Weight: 62kg

Material: Stainless Steel

Connection: to water mains filtration system and rotary pump

Wega Pegaso 2 Group Coffee Machine FAQs

The Wega Pegaso 2 Group Coffee Machine can produce up to four cups of coffee simultaneously, with two cups per group head.

The Wega Pegaso 2 Group Coffee Machine is primarily designed for commercial use in cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality settings. However, some coffee enthusiasts may choose to use it in a home setting if they have the space and desire for professional-grade coffee equipment.

Regular maintenance of the Wega Pegaso 2 Group Coffee Machine is essential for optimal performance. This includes daily cleaning of group heads and steam wands, weekly backflushing, and periodic descaling to prevent build-up and ensure consistent brewing quality.

Yes, the temperature and pressure settings of each group head on the Wega Pegaso 2 Group Coffee Machine can be independently adjusted. This allows baristas to fine-tune the brewing parameters for different coffee beans and brewing preferences, ensuring precise extraction and flavour profile control.

The warranty provided with the Wega Pegaso 2 Group Coffee Machine typically covers manufacturing defects and faulty components for a specified period, such as one year. However, the exact duration and coverage may vary depending on the manufacturer and the terms of purchase. It’s essential to review the warranty documentation provided with the machine for specific details.

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