La Marzocco GB5 3 Group Coffee Machine

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la marzocco gb5 3 group coffee machine

Ideal for high-volume cafes, restaurants, and bars, the La Marzocco GB5 3 Group Coffee Machine blends sophistication with top-tier technology. Launched in 2005 and named after Giovanna Bambi, it features dual boilers, pre-heating technology, and dual PID controls for precise temperature management. With its elegant design and advanced functionalities, such as programmable volumetric controls and dual steam wands, the GB5 ensures superior performance and style. Key specifications include a hot water tap, LCD display with shot timers, an external rotary pump, and a custom satin black finish.

The La Marzocco GB5 3 Group coffee machine runs on 1 x 32 Amp Plug connection and is compatible with most electronic connections.

Ensure you have enough space to fit the machine in your establishment. The dimensions of the 3 Group La Marzocco GB5 Coffee Machine are: 950mm (W) x 620mm (D) x 480mm (H)

The La Marzocco GB5 3 Group Coffee Machine is capable of handling any type of morning coffee rush, and has a capacity to make 500+ coffees per day.

Voltage: 220V / Single Phase
Power: 4800W / 1 x 32 Amp Plug
Boiler Capacity: 11 litre
Dimensions: 950mm (W) x 622mm (D) x 475mm (H)
Net Weight: 74kg
Material: Stainless Steel
Connection: To water mains and rotary pump

La Marzocco GB5 3 Group Coffee Machine FAQs

The dual boiler system in the La Marzocco GB5 3 Group separates the brewing and steaming processes, ensuring precise temperature control for each function. This allows for consistent brewing temperatures and powerful steam pressure, enhancing the quality of espresso and the efficiency of milk frothing simultaneously.

The GB5 3 Group features saturated brew groups and dual PID control for the coffee and steam boilers, which work together to maintain precise temperature stability. This advanced system reduces temperature fluctuations during extraction, resulting in consistently high-quality espresso shots.

The GB5 3 Group is designed for high-volume environments with its three group heads, allowing multiple baristas to brew espresso simultaneously. Its programmable volumetric controls and dual steam wands increase efficiency during peak times, making it ideal for busy cafes and restaurants.

Yes, the La Marzocco GB5 3 Group offers customisation options, including finishes like the custom satin black. This allows cafes and restaurants to choose a design that complements their decor, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal in their establishment.

The LCD display with shot timers provides real-time feedback on shot duration, allowing baristas to monitor and adjust extraction times for optimal espresso quality. This feature helps in maintaining consistency and improving the overall efficiency of the brewing process.

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