La Marzocco GB5 2 Group Coffee Machine

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la marzocco gb5 2 group coffee machine

The La Marzocco GB5 2 Group Coffee Machine is a masterpiece of elegance and precision, crafted for the discerning barista. This commercial-grade espresso machine features dual boiler technology, ensuring optimal temperature stability and consistent extraction for every shot. With its iconic design, the GB5 combines traditional aesthetics with modern functionality, including programmable dosing, advanced PID controls, and an intuitive interface. Perfect for high-volume environments, this machine delivers exceptional performance, making it the ideal choice for cafes and specialty coffee shops seeking to elevate their coffee offerings.

The La Marzocco 2 Group Coffee Machine runs on a 3600W / 1 x 20 Amp Plug connection and is compatible with most electronic connections.

Ensure you have enough space to fit the machine in your establishment. The dimensions of the La Marzocco GB5 2 Group are: 750mm (W) x 622mm (D) x 475mm (H).

The La Marzocco GB5 2 Group can easily handle the morning coffee rush at any restaurant or cafe.

Voltage: 220V / Single Phase
Power: 3600W / 1 x 20 Amp Plug
Boiler Capacity: 7 litre
Dimensions: 750mm (W) x 622mm (D) x 475mm (H)
Net Weight: 62kg
Material: Stainless Steel
Connection: To water mains and rotary pump

La Marzocco GB5 2 Group Coffee Machine FAQs

Regular maintenance includes daily cleaning of the group heads, portafilters, and steam wands. Perform a backflush with detergent weekly, and descale the machine periodically based on your water hardness. Always consult the user manual for specific maintenance guidelines and schedules.

The GB5 2 Group boasts dual boiler technology for consistent temperature control, programmable volumetric dosing, PID temperature management, and a sleek, classic design. It also includes advanced features like pre-infusion, adjustable hot water spout, and an intuitive user interface.

Yes, the GB5 2 Group is designed for high-volume environments. Its robust build, dual boilers, and efficient workflow make it ideal for cafes and coffee shops with a high demand for quality espresso drinks.

The PID control system in the GB5 ensures precise temperature stability during brewing, which is crucial for consistent extraction and flavor. This technology helps maintain the optimal brewing temperature, reducing fluctuations that can affect espresso quality.

Yes, the GB5 is designed with both novice and experienced baristas in mind. Its user-friendly interface, programmable settings, and reliable performance make it accessible for beginners while offering the advanced features that professional baristas appreciate for fine-tuning their espresso shots.

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