Mazzer Coffee Grinders: Mazzer Major and Robur


Mazzer – ‘The Mathematics of Coffee’

Finding the perfect commercial coffee machines for your business is made simple with Mazzer coffee grinders. A significant brand name in the cafe and food service industry, Mazzer coffee grinders have a reputation for reliability and consistency. Adding one of these espresso grinders to your commercial business can make any of your employees feel like professional baristas.

Complete Coffee stocks electronic Mazzer commercial grinders and automatic Mazzer grinders. The classic automatic espresso machine grinder uses a manual lever dose, while the electronic option has different coffee bean grind settings with auto dosing.

Major & Robur Electronic

The Major V electronic version uses electrostatic charge reduction while achieving uniform coffee grounds. The Grind Flow Control system uses a through-flow wire damper. It also has an electronic control panel for programming doses, manual grinding mode and more. 

  1. Low retention
  2. Easy maintenance grinding chamber 
  3. Simple-to-use memory track system
  4. Adjustable portafilter holder
  5. Double fan cooling system

The Robur S electronic version also includes the Grind Flow Control system. It involves a removable aluminium outlet insert with three interchangeable wire dampers. The average grinding speed for this bulk coffee grinder is 1s/5g. 

  1. Uniform coffee grounds and consistent dosing 
  2. Low retention
  3. Simple-to-use memory track system 
  4. Easy maintenance grinding chamber 
  5. Adjustable portafilter holder 

Electronic machine specifications.

Major & Robur Automatic

Mazzer Grigio
Mazzer Robur White

The Major V automatic high-capacity grinder is known for its performance and style. Designed to be sharp and compact, this precision grinder has sophisticated components and metal accessories.

  1. Precise, broader grinding adjustment range
  2. Simple-to-use memory track system
  3. Stepless micrometrical grind adjustment
  4. Easy maintenance grinding chamber 
  5. Simplified dosing lever
  6. Aluminium tamper and tray

The Robur S automatic is a high-performance grinder that’s useful for a business working with high volumes of coffee and sporadic daily workflows. It’s known for its consistent dosing, low retention and top-notch functionality, making for wholesome, uniform coffee grounds. The average grinding speed for this high-performance commercial coffee grinder is 1.4 s/g. 

  1. Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment
  2. Simple-to-use memory track system 
  3. Easy maintenance grinding chamber 
  4. Soft motion dosing lever
  5. Aluminium tamper

Automatic machine specifications.

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