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Complete Coffee have been supplying coffee to the Australian cafe & food service market for decades, it is what we do, and we love it. Supporting Australian small businesses in their quest of the Aussie dream. We house a variety of brands, equipment, and abilities to give you and your business a shot at success with our consistent and reliable offerings.


There are more than 25,000 cafés and coffee shops in Australia. They all contribute to a unique coffee culture that is famous around the world. The laidback Aussie ethos plays a part in this global obsession, but it’s mostly down to the quality of the coffee. 

With our premium café coffee equipment, you can make your mark on this sector and give your customers a quality brew every time.


Even if coffee isn’t the first thing on your menu, it can still steal the show.

A restaurant coffee machine will give you the highest-quality coffee every time. Your customers can enjoy an espresso while they wait or finish their meal with an exceptional espresso or Irish coffee. 

These days, if customers see coffee on the menu, they expect the very best, and that’s exactly what we deliver. As one of Australia’s leading wholesale coffee suppliers, we have worked with countless restaurants and supplied high-quality solutions that are affordable and convenient.


Catering to 100 or more employees? Then you need something a little more substantial. You’re not running a café, but as soon as your office doors open in the morning and you have 100 tired employees bearing down on you, it’ll start to feel like it.

We have robust machines capable of dealing with the demand, as well as complete corporate office solutions to cover every need and ensure you’re not constantly worrying about re-stocking and repairing.

Our Coffee Beans

Primo Caffe

Primo Caffe is a family-run coffee company that has been in business for over 40 years. This Aussie-owned brand provides a complete solution to cafés and restaurants, including some of the best-tasting capsules—all Nespresso compatible—on the market.

Di Stefano

Di Stefano was first founded in 1982. It serves the Australian café and food sector and has played a major role in giving Aussie coffee its enviable reputation. All of Di Stefano’s coffee is roasted in Australia and the brand is devoted to clean energy practices, including carbon-neutral delivery.

Coffee Machines

Wega Polaris

The Wega Polaris is a professional-grade espresso machine designed for use in cafes and restaurants. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Polaris is capable of producing high-quality espresso and other coffee beverages consistently and efficiently.

Wega Pegaso

Wega Pegaso

The Wega Pegaso is a semi-automatic espresso machine designed for small to medium-sized cafes and restaurants. With its compact size and user-friendly interface, the Pegaso is capable of producing high-quality espresso and other coffee beverages quickly and easily.

La Marzocco GB-5

la marzocco gb5 3 group coffee machine

The La Marzocco GB5 is a high-end espresso machine designed for use in specialty coffee shops and high-volume cafes. With its advanced technology and superior build quality, the GB5 delivers precise and consistent shots of espresso with exceptional flavor and crema.

La Marzocco PB-Linea

la marzocco linea pb 3 group

The La Marzocco PB Linea is a versatile and customizable espresso machine designed for use in high-end coffee shops and specialty cafes. With its advanced brewing technology and ergonomic design, the PB Linea delivers precise and consistent shots of espresso with exceptional flavor and crema.

La Marzocco Linea Classic

The La Marzocco Linea Classic is a professional-grade espresso machine that has been a favorite of baristas and coffee enthusiasts for over 25 years. With its iconic design and advanced features, the Linea Classic is capable of producing high-quality espresso and other coffee beverages consistently and reliably.

Grinders, Tampers, Brewers

Mazzer Grinders

Mazzer Grigio

Mazzer is a leading manufacturer of professional-grade coffee grinders used in cafes, restaurants, and specialty coffee shops worldwide. Known for their exceptional build quality and precision engineering, Mazzer grinders deliver consistently uniform grounds that are essential for creating high-quality espresso and other coffee beverages.

Anfim Milano Grinders

Anfim Milano coffee grinders are a preferred choice among professional baristas who demand precise and consistent coffee grounds to make the perfect espresso. With their sleek design and advanced features, Anfim Milano grinders are highly reliable and efficient, allowing coffee shops to produce high-quality coffee beverages with ease.

PuqPress Tampers

Puqpress is a leading manufacturer of automatic coffee tampers designed to streamline and improve the coffee-making process in cafes, restaurants, and specialty coffee shops. With their precise and consistent tamping pressure, Puqpress tampers eliminate variations in espresso shots and ensure high-quality coffee beverages every time.

FETCO Coffee Brewers

Image of a Fetco commercial coffee machine. Model Dual Dispensing Unit. | Complete Coffee

FETCO is a top manufacturer of high-quality commercial coffee and tea brewers designed for use in cafes, restaurants, and specialty coffee shops. With their advanced brewing technology and user-friendly interface, FETCO brewers deliver consistent and reliable coffee and tea beverages with exceptional flavour and aroma.

Cafe Client Service

Service-Inclusive Packages

The best café coffee machine, the best coffee, and complete peace of mind! We provide all of this and more. And because every café and owner is different, we can work with you to find the most suitable package.

24/7 Breakdown Servicing

A café is nothing without its coffee machines. If one goes down, chaos ensues; if they’re all down, it’s complete gridlock! That’s why we offer a 24/7 breakdown service. We’ll get you back up and running with no fuss and minimal downtime.

Barista Training

Every machine is different, so it’s important for your staff to know how to use them. We offer barista training to help with that. They’ll learn how to use and maintain all café coffee equipment, along with some tips on producing the best coffee. 


It all comes down to preference and water quality. If your tap water is high in minerals, it’s best for the machine if you use filtered water.. Some café owners also believe that filtered water produces a cleaner, crisper taste. But if you don’t see the benefits and your local water isn’t high in minerals, tap water is fine and most machines are fitted with water filters. Check the manufacturer’s manual for more information.

The cost of running a café or restaurant coffee machine can vary depending on several factors, including the type and size of the machine, the amount of coffee it produces, and the cost of electricity and water in your area. However, in general, coffee machines can be expensive to run due to their energy and water usage, as well as the cost of maintenance and repair. It’s important to consider the ongoing costs of running a coffee machine when deciding whether to invest in one for your business.

The cost of renting a cafe coffee machine varies depending on the type of machine, the rental period, and the location. In general, prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. Some companies also offer a rent-to-own option or a lease agreement. It’s best to contact coffee machine rental providers in your area to get a quote based on your specific needs and requirements.

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