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Complete Coffee have been supplying office coffee machines to Australian businesses for decades. It is what we do, and we love it.

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Any office size, any workspace, and all needs—we can cater to everyone! Our office coffee machines will cover all of your coffee needs, ensuring you’re not overpaying for bean to cup coffee machines you don’t need or getting something that falls short. Explore our office packages below.

Small Office


If you run a small office, you don’t need a commercial coffee machine that will take up an entire table and produce hundreds of cups an hour. You want something compact, affordable, and efficient, like bean to cup coffee machines.

Our small office coffee machines are designed to be easy to use and compact, while still delivering an excellent cup of coffee. We’ll also supply you with everything else that you need to keep your employees caffeinated, including repair and maintenance.

Medium Office


Medium-sized offices have more employees to satisfy and more thirsts to quench. You want something that can deal with the strain of morning and afternoon breaks; something that will last for years.

Our medium office coffee solutions are ideally suited to offices of up to 50 employees and include the best machines and other supplies for your needs.

Large Office


Catering to 100 or more employees? Then you need something a little more substantial. You’re not running a café, but as soon as your office doors open in the morning and you have 100 tired employees bearing down on you, it’ll start to feel like it.

We have robust machines capable of dealing with the demand, as well as complete corporate office solutions to cover every need and ensure you’re not constantly worrying about re-stocking and repairing.

Find Your Office Coffee Machine

Here at Complete Coffee, we can help you to understand what the right office coffee machine is for you. See our recommendations per office size below.

Office Size Small
Recommended Product Melitta Cafina
Melitta Cafina
Melitta Cafina
La Marzocco
Linea PB
Quantity 150 cups/hour 170 cups/hour 190 cups/hour 210 cups/hour
Prices From $9,500 or $65 per week* From $12,500 or $85 per week* From $14,500 or $100 per week* From $16,500 or $120 per week*
Value Equipment valued at $10,000.00 Equipment valued at $14,000.00 Equipment valued at $22,850.00 Equipment valued at $31,775.00

We’re the Complete Package

We provide packaged services tailored to meet the needs and budget of your business including equipment, maintenance, training and of course – delicious coffee.




Delicious Curated Coffee

Complete Coffee house two flagship brands with each offering unique value, quality and designs for whatever you might require in the Australian coffee market.

Whether in a cafe, office or at home, we truly believe there is not a situation we are not equipped to handle. Explore each brand in further detail below. As always, if you have any questions, please contact our team to learn more.


Primo Caffe has been roasting and packing to the Australian market for over 35 years now and pride themselves on excellent quality, consistency and great value for money.


Pioneering the coffee industry for over 40 years. Helping cafe’s and restaurants unlock profitability with our premium beans and sustainable coffee pods.

Cost-Saving Accessories

Our packages include coffee tampers and coffee grinders, depending on the type of machine you choose for your office or workplace.

Coffee Grinders

Commercial coffee grinders are the perfect choice for hospitality businesses seeking consistent grinding, customisable settings, high capacity, durability, and cost-saving benefits.

Embrace the precision and quality of automatic coffee grinders to delight your customers and deliver exceptional coffee experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Coffee Tampers

Embrace the precision and efficiency of automatic coffee tampers to enhance the quality of your espresso, save time, and deliver consistent results.

Elevate your coffee offerings, satisfy your customers, and set your business apart as a purveyor of exceptional espresso experiences.

Office Coffee Machines FAQs

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There are several reasons. Firstly, it’s convenient, as your employees don’t need to crowd around a kettle or leave the office to visit a nearby coffee shop. Secondly, it could boost productivity and collaboration.

As with any other piece of complicated machinery that you use every day, a bean to cup coffee machine needs to be serviced. Don’t simply dump it on a countertop and expect it to keep producing coffee for the next few years. Keep an eye on its functionality, call in the experts when it stops doing its job, and make sure it’s fully serviced at least once a year.

There is no single “best” choice. After all, the machine that’s perfect for an office serving hundreds of employees is going to be overkill for a small family-run business with a handful of workers. It’s all about finding the machine that suits your specific needs. That’s why our office coffee solutions are tailored to our clients.

We stock the very best office coffee machines from some of Australia’s most respected manufacturers. Take a look at our list above or get in touch today.

Where is the machine going to go? How many people will use it? What sort of budget do you have? All of these things should be considered when looking for the right machine. Here at Complete Coffee, we can help you to understand what the right coffee machine is for you. Whether it be a bean to cup coffee machine, commercial machine or coffee pod machine.

Coffee oils, dirt, and other detritus can become lodged in your office coffee machine, so you should clean it at least once a week. Sanitise the bean to cup coffee machine, check the pressure and settings, and make sure it’s fully operational.

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