September 28, 2022

4 Coffee Machines For Your Businesses

4 Coffee Machines For Your Businesses

Whether you run a family-owned and operated cafe, manage a hotel or have a similar hospitality business, your top priority should always be satisfying your customers. Finding ways to meet (or exceed) their expectations with the right amenities and level of service can help you turn new customers into returning ones. 

A straightforward way to do this? Investing in coffee machines that produce the perfect espresso beverage that keeps them coming back for more. 

Looking for the best coffee machines for cafes? In search of a commercial vending machine for your pub or hotel? Here are four coffee machines for hospitality businesses to consider: 

1. Automatic Coffee Machine

Automatic coffee machines are useful for businesses that expect a high volume of coffee drinkers who want convenience with their quality cup of coffee. This is ideal for hotels and lodging accommodations, as guests look for caffeine whenever they need it. This is also a useful option for businesses that don’t have fully trained baristas and coffee shop staff – automatic coffee machines are generally simple to maintain and make coffee easy to prepare.  

2. Commercial Espresso Machine

If you want to give your customers and guests the ultimate coffee experience, a commercial espresso machine can take you to the next level. A steam wand, automatic coffee grinder, and dual boilers are just a few of the many features that can help you craft the perfect espresso beverage. Consider this option if you run a reputable hotel and want to offer espresso as an amenity however, keep in mind that experienced Baristas and quality coffee beans are also key!

3. Commercial Vending Machine

Commercial vending machines are also useful for businesses that want to provide guests and customers with a convenient way to enjoy coffee on demand. This option is ideal when you don’t have staff dedicated to making coffee and still want to help your guests avoid leaving to visit a specialty coffee shop. 

A commercial vending machine is also beneficial for small businesses in general – offering your employees the convenience of a commercial vending machine will save them time and money that would primarily be spent at a coffee house or cafe

4. SemiAutomatic Espresso Machine

If you’re looking for an option that sits between an automatic coffee machine and a commercial espresso machine, consider this one the sweet spot. A semi-automatic machine can help you produce that same quality drip coffee drink without hiring a barista to get the job done. 

Get the Complete Coffee Solution

Choosing the right coffee machine for your business is based on a variety of factors, but you shouldn’t have to make the investment decision alone. If you’re looking for a vendor that can help you evaluate your wants and needs and determine the right coffeemaking machines for your business, consider Complete Coffee.

From coffee bean distributors to coffee machine repairs, maintenance and servicing – we have everything you need to find a complete coffee solution for your hospitality business. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about our business coffee solutions. 

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