September 28, 2022

4 Facts About Australian Coffee Consumption

You know Australians love coffee, but just how much coffee does Australia consume?

According to McCrindle, about 75% of Australians have at least one cup of coffee every day, while 28% claim to have three or more. The demand for freshly roasted beans is a simple reminder of how delicious and effective coffee can really be.

But these are not the only statistics that show how important coffee is in the land down under. Read on to learn about how much coffee Australian’s consume each year: 

1. 84% of Australians spend money on coffee every week

The need for coffee is just as strong as the brew itself – McCrindle found that 27% of Australians claim that they can’t survive the day without a cup of coffee, and 84% of people spend their money during the week at a coffee shop.

2. 78% of Australians say the taste is the most important expectation

The ability to provide a jolt of energy isn’t the only thing coffee drinkers here are looking at – the taste of coffee is also essential to Australians. In fact, Lightspeed research shows that 78% of Australians claim quality and taste is the most important thing about a good cup of coffee. Price, customer service and delivery speed are the other factors that play into the satisfaction of having a good experience in a coffee shop or cafe. 

3. Coffee cost per cup has increased 8.2% year-on-year

Wondering why coffee is so expensive in Australia? There are a multitude of reasons contributing to the sharp increases in prices over recent months. The global economic situation following the COVID-19 pandemic is an obvious one. Inflation is at record levels globally and is running riot in nearly every major economy. 

Frost in Brazil in late 2021 sky-rocketed the price of green coffee. According to the Australian Financial Review, the price of coffee sits around $US2.20 a pound (450 grams), while it had hovered at about $US1.20 to $1.40 for the past eight years. Alarming to say the least. On top of this, running costs of cafes have increased which are adding to the growing prices and pressures for coffee shops and cafes alike!

4. Australians consumed two kilograms of coffee per person in 2021

Despite not being a major producer of coffee beans, Australia still exported nearly 70 million Australian dollars’ worth of coffee and coffee substitutes in 2020. Consumption didn’t stop there as the annual domestic coffee consumption totaled more than 1.9 million 60-kilogram bags. On average, Australians consumed around two kilograms of coffee per person in 2021, out of which 0.7 kilograms were roast coffee and around 1.4 kilograms were instant coffee. 

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