November 8, 2022

8 Tips For Choosing A Coffee Machine

Coffee lovers and cafe business owners alike understand the importance of investing in a quality espresso coffee machine. With the right setup and attention to detail, you should get the perfect shot of espresso every time. But how do you choose the right commercial coffee machine? Do you need a machine that can produce high volumes of coffee, or are you looking for one that makes home brewing easier? 

Here are eight simple tips to consider before making a purchase: 

1. Size

Size will depend greatly on how you plan to utilise your espresso machine. A single boiler works fine for the coffee connoisseur who simply wants to brew a nice cup of coffee at home. A cafe or coffee shop will do well by a dual or multi boiler barista coffee machine.

2. Brew Temperature Consistency

A decadent cup of coffee starts with a consistent brewing temperature. Commercial espresso machines should maintain a water temperature between 90 and 96 degrees Celsius. Finding a machine that allows you to control the temperature will set you up for success. 

3. User Friendliness

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to brew a great cup of coffee. Make sure the machine you choose makes it simple to perfect your craft.

4. Control Options

Commercial coffee machines come in two different options: Push button and paddle control. Whether you’re looking for an automatic or manual option will play a role in your coffee machine purchase. 

5. Shot Timers

Shot timers are useful in automatically timing the length of a shot during the brewing cycle. This can help you brew the perfect espresso shot. 

6. Dedicated Scales

A machine with dedicated scales can ensure you pay attention to dose and yield. This isn’t necessarily a must-have feature, but it’s one that can help you brew pure excellence in the form of espresso. 

7. Budget

There are several tiers of commercial coffee equipment. You can find a nice selection of domestic espresso machines in the $500 range, but commercial grade coffee machines are more likely to sit in the $5,000 to $10,000 range. Consider your budget while shopping. 

8. Aesthetics

What kind of look do you want to achieve at your cafe? Are you searching for a commercial coffee machine that modernises your space? Aesthetics may not be the most important part of choosing your machine, but it still plays a big role. 

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