November 16, 2022

The History of Coffee in Australia

history of coffee in australia

Did you know that coffee is the most popular beverage on a global scale? According to the British Coffee Association, nearly two billion cups of coffee are consumed every single day. 

But when did this love of drinking coffee begin? How did the cultivation of coffee beans turn into such a cultural phenomenon across the world? And how has the coffee production process changed over the last century? Let’s take a look.

The Origin and History of Coffee: A Timeline

The earliest history of the coffee plant traces back centuries, to the coffee forests in Ethiopia. The National Coffee Association claims that a farmer realised the power of coffee when his goats ate berries from a specific tree and noticed a burst of energy from all of them. The information was shared with a local monastery and spread like wildfire, soon making its way to the Arabian peninsula where coffee culture took off. 

Europeans showed interest in coffee in the 17th century, with mixed reviews on the bitter beverage and how popular it would become in the old continent. Quickly after its introduction, London housed over 300 coffee houses and attracted people from all over the country. 

Soon after its popularity rose in European countries, coffee made its way to the United States in the 18th century when missionaries and travelers brought over coffee beans and began to plant coffee trees across the nation. 

What Is The History of Coffee in Australia?

The 18th century was also the beginning of Australian coffee culture, but the 19th century solidified how essential the coffee industry became for Aussies

After World War II, Italian immigrants brought over coffee beans and espresso machines, introducing the way of Italian coffee and cafe culture to inspire Australians to embrace the bean as well. The early version of the espresso machine has transformed into a more compact, yet innovative tool for coffee lovers, and will likely continue to transform with the culture. 

Today, Australians adore quality coffee, and not just for the beverage. Going to a local independent coffee shop to gather with family and friends is a gratifying experience for many, whether it’s for a weekly catch up, or a quick shot of espresso before a surfing session or to get your morning routine started.

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