February 7, 2023

6 Tips For Buying Coffee Shop Equipment

6 Tips For Buying Coffee Shop Equipment

Are you opening a cafe in Australia? Could you benefit from top-of-the-range coffee equipment that allows your team to deliver a perfect brew every time?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Across the country, there are some wonderful coffee equipment suppliers. All you need to do is narrow down which you’d like to order from. 

By carefully considering a range of different factors before you make a final decision, you can ensure you purchase the best equipment for your coffee shop. 

1. Quality of Equipment

Before you spend your budget on a piece of equipment that is going to let you down within a few months, you need to do your research. Not only do you want a coffee equipment supplier that will provide a high-quality machine, but you’ll also want a guarantee with it. Knowing what type of coffee equipment is critical also, whether it be an automatic coffee machine or espresso machine.

2. Price

To complement this, you’re likely looking for a bargain. While you might have to accept that some of the top end equipment for your coffee shop will have a higher price tag, there’s no reason that you can’t find a supplier that offers competitive pricing or different supply options. This will help you get the most value for money.

3. Customer Service

While you are placing your order (and long into the future), you need to be able to access wonderful customer service assistants. Your coffee equipment supplier, therefore, would be willing to provide answers to your questions in a timely and friendly manner. 

4. Training and Support

To ensure you don’t struggle with your machine, you’ll need a coffee equipment supplier who will take the time to provide training and support. Why? Well, when you have invested in your equipment, you’ll want to be able to create delicious cups of coffee every time, and this includes knowing how to maintain and use your machine correctly. 

5. Variety of Equipment and Options

To achieve this, you’ll need to shop somewhere that has a variety of equipment for coffee shops with a range of options to choose from. Whether you would prefer a manual or automatic machine, or have a specific size preference, you need a supplier that can cater to your needs.

6. Maintenance and Repair Services

Finally, but certainly not least importantly, you’ll need a coffee equipment supplier that can offer ongoing maintenance as well as troubleshooting and repair services. Although buying quality equipment usually ensures there won’t be any issues, sometimes things go wrong and you’ll need an easy and fast resolution.

The Best Coffee Equipment Supplier in Australia

Although it might seem obvious to carefully consider your decision before purchasing equipment for your coffee shop

Many owners make the mistake of rushing. 

To guarantee you get the best solution out there, you need to choose a reputable coffee equipment supplier who is going to deliver on their promises. Take your time with researching and comparing the options available to you, and consider contacting Complete Coffee when you are ready to buy.

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