November 28, 2022

How To Froth Milk With A Steam Wand

how to steam milk for coffee

Are you an aspiring coffee connoisseur? Do you want to perfect your barista skills before working in a cafe or coffee shop setting? Understanding how to use a steam wand for milk will allow you to elevate your range of coffee beverages to the next level.

Whether you want to perfect your latte, make a marvelous macchiato, or craft the cappuccino of your dreams, it starts with investing in a milk steam frother or machine with a steam wand!

Here’s how to steam milk for coffee:

Step 1: Find the Right Equipment

If you’re working with a commercial coffee machine, you may already have a steam wand attached to your equipment. If not, you may consider investing in an electric automatic frother. 

You can steam milk over the stove top to get a similar effect, but this may be more time consuming and underdeliver in comparison to a steam wand or milk steam frother. You will also need a metallic, preferably stainless steel milk jug designed specifically for steaming. 

Step 2: Start with Cold Milk

During the steaming process, you need to get your milk between 57 and 60 degrees Celsius. To prevent it from getting too hot too quickly, start with cold milk. Fill the metallic jug half way with the your choice of preferred milk, since the liquid will increase in volume during the steaming process.  

Step 3: Start Steaming

Submerge the steam wand into the metallic jug of milk just below the surface. This is referred to as air pulling, and will vary in time based on the type of beverage you are planning to make.   

Once you’ve pulled enough air into the milk, submerge the steam wand further into the milk, tilt the jug and carefully spin the milk evenly.  

Let the Milk Rest, Then Pour 

When the milk reaches the ideal temperature (just above 55 degrees and no hotter than 60 degrees) remove it from the steamer. Then tap the jug on the bench to remove any air pockets, pour the milk directly into your espresso drink until the coffee and milk incorporate seamlessly. This is a great opportunity to work on your coffee art, too. Remember, quality specialty coffee beans will always help with the taste of your coffee!

Invest in the Best 

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