September 19, 2022

Why It’s Important To Clean The Steam Wand Frequently

coffee machine with steam wand

Keeping your commercial coffee machines clean means you’re always producing a high quality cup of coffee as efficiently and precisely as you can. It’s even more important to consider commercial espresso machines – with more tools and features in use, there’s more foundation for residue to fester which can impact coffee strength and quality, and ultimately influence the reputation of your establishment.

A steam wand, used to create steamed milk for espresso beverages, is a feature on a drip coffee maker that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Here’s why it’s necessary to clean the steam wand regularly and change it frequently.

Why is it Important to Clean the Steam Wand Frequently?

Cleaning your steam wand regularly allows you to make quality coffee drinks with consistency. There are multiple reasons why regular cleaning and purging of the steam wand is necessary to ensure the integrity of each freshly brewed cup of coffee.

When you add water to the base of a steam wand, it can cause mineral deposits in the tube. This can ultimately lead to a clogged machine.

Additionally, any residual coffee or milk left in the wand from a previous brewing cycle can cause an unpleasant taste when you brew your next drink. Particles getting stuck inside the element will also lead to poor quality and bad taste. 

How to Maintain Your Steam Wand

To reduce the buildup in your steam wand that keeps it from working properly, purge it every two months. In between, you should always remember to wipe the wand after each use. Consider the following cleaning suggestions to ensure the integrity of your steam wand:

  • Pour water into the tank of the machine.
  • Open the steam wand, letting it steam on high until empty.
  • For a more heavyduty clean, you can remove the steam wand from the machine and let it soak in a cleaning solution. 
  • Rinse and dry, attach back to the espresso machine and resume use. 

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