September 7, 2022

Why PuqPress Is The Best Automatic Coffee Tamper

Barista holding a manual tamper

Tamping coffee manually has been the traditional route for brewing espresso, but the emergence of automatic coffee tamper machines has made it easier than ever for baristas to tamp the perfect espresso pucks consistently throughout the day. 

PuqPress Australia’s Precision Coffee Tamper is worth consideration, as its design, tamping capability, and overall quality set it apart from the competitors. Here’s why you should consider adding the PuqPress automatic tamper to your cafe: 

1. Design 

The PuqPress Q2 was designed with an improved, stiff frame. This improvement ensures an even better level stamp. Available in black and white exterior and a non-stick coating interior, your PuqPress will look great and work efficiently.   

2. Tamping Capability 

No matter which PuqPress tamper you choose, you can always rest assured that your coffee will have a perfectly level, compact tamp. Since it’s an automatic tamper, you never have to worry about having a steady hand and applying the appropriate amount of pressure to the grounds. Instead, you’ll get 100% accurate, level tamps that enable you to serve consistent espresso shots all shifts. 

3. Durability

The PuqPress automatic coffee tamper design is what makes it so durable. Its wide base gives it the strong foundation that is needed to tamp espresso correctly. It’s also designed specifically for daily tamps, so you never have to worry about overusing the machine. 

4. Value

The initial cost of a PuqPress automatic coffee tamper machine may be intimidating, but the value of the machine ensures the return on your investment. The durability and expected use allow you to continue tamping espresso all day long without worrying about a disruption in your workflow. 

Find Your Complete Coffee Solution

Freshly brewed espresso

Finding espresso machines and other fully automatic equipment for your cafe can help streamline your workflows and ensure a delicious, consistent cup of coffee every time. Instead of relying on staff members to manually tamp espresso, you may consider trying an automatic coffee solution.  

With Complete Coffee, we can equip your coffee shop or corporate setting with the machines you need to craft a delicious espresso drink. We also offer 24/7 repairs and servicing with every package.

PuqPress delivers a high quality, consistent espresso puck every time. Contact Complete Coffee today to learn more about the automatic tampers and other coffee machines we can bring to your organisation.

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