March 28, 2022

4 Common Coffee Machine Repairs

Coffee is a vital part of so many people’s lives. Day in and day out, coffee drinkers rely on the flavoursome, aromatic and sensational taste of specialty coffee or otherwise – whether it’s made at home or purchased from a coffee shop. Commercial coffee machine owners and home brewers alike rely on this tool daily to lift their spirits and energy levels, so what happens when it breaks down? Coffee machines are designed to last for years, but there’s still a chance that one of the components might fail you at one point. Here are some of the most common coffee machine repairs to keep in mind:  

1. Broken Steam Wands

There are various reasons why a steam wand might stop working. Milk buildup is the most common factor, causing the small holes to close up and block the steam release. To keep this from occurring regularly, release steam from the wands in the steam position for a few seconds after use. This will ensure all milk is out of the machine. Cleaning the steam wand more intently can be done also. Soaking it in specific coffee cleaning products in hot water overnight will help reduce the milk build-up in the wand, making for a better functioning machine and better-tasting coffee!

2. Low Water Pressure

Did you know that the water pressure in your commercial coffee machines can impact the taste of your coffee? High pressure adds more flavour to your espresso, so low water pressure can make for a less-than-exciting cup of coffee. A clog or faulty brew valve is likely to blame for this, which means you may need to seek professional assistance for coffee machine repairs. 

3. Leakage From Basket 

If your brew basket is overflowing, this might be because it’s dirty. The buildup of old coffee grounds can lead to water flowing out of the basket at a slower rate than the water entering it. To fix this, try running a cycle without coffee grinds. The water may be able to push through excess grounds. Similarly, if you have dropped your head on occasion or the baskets themselves, there may be some structural damage that is causing this issue. Work on getting those structural elements fixed and the issues should hopefully dry up!

4. Cold Coffee

Cold brew is delicious, but it shouldn’t be coming out of your traditional hot-serve commercial coffee machines. If your coffee machine is producing cold coffee, this likely means that the water pump isn’t functioning as it should. This will involve repairs from a specialist. 

Coffee Machine Repairs With Complete Coffee 

Fixing commercial coffee machines on your own can be a lot to handle if you don’t have experience with repairs. When you purchase equipment from Complete Coffee, you can leave the coffee machine repairs to us. We offer servicing packages, so you never have to worry about hidden costs when one of your commercial coffee machines breaks down. You gain access to an account representative at all hours of the day who can help you navigate potential problems and get someone to your shop for repairs. Our 24/7 breakdown service makes it easy for you to get your machines fixed as quickly as possible, no matter the time of day. Interested in learning more about our equipment and servicing? Contact us now. 

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