May 23, 2022

Tips To Manage Office Coffee Supplies

Did you know that 19 million Australians drink coffee? Of those individuals, 28 percent have three or more cups of coffee daily. 

Many of your employees are likely coffee drinkers. With so many of them wanting more than that initial morning cup, stocking your office with an automatic coffee machine and other supplies is essential. This is a great perk that can keep people satisfied throughout their workday. It’ll also eliminate the need to go to the nearest cafe or coffee shop for a pick-me-up. 

Supplying the workplace with a coffee machine for the office doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Here are some tips on managing coffee for the office.

Calculate Your Needs

The last thing you want to do is order coffee in bulk and watch it sit around the office for months. Your employees deserve the best, freshest quality coffee at their disposal. That’s why we recommend calculating your needs before ordering coffee beans, grounds, and equipment for the office. 

To do this, we recommend surveying your workforce to get an idea of how much coffee they drink each day. Then, you can determine how much coffee to order on a regular basis. This can also give you an idea of how many regular coffee beans and decaf coffee beans to include in your order. This is something we specialise in at Complete Coffee. Get in touch with our team regarding coffee orders, supplies and any other request you may have.

Keep the Order Simple

You may be excited to stock your office kitchen with all of the coffee amenities. However, it’s important to keep your coffee orders simple. Beyond the proper amount of coffee to purchase, be sure to be mindful of the extras as well. Syrups, different kinds of milk, hot chocolate and other coffee additions should be kept at a minimum. This is so you don’t overcomplicate the order. Ordering too many extras can also lead to expiration and waste if it doesn’t get used.

Recycle Coffee Waste

On average, Australians use three million pods in coffee capsule machines daily, and only 10% of those get recycled. Additionally, the world produces and disposes of an estimated 18 million tonnes of wasted coffee grounds every year. Doing your part to recycle is a helpful way to take care of Mother Nature and still enjoy your fresh brew. We recommend looking into waste and resource recovery resources to determine where to take old coffee pods to recycle. You can also recycle coffee grounds by:

  • making fertiliser
  • adding them to a compost pile
  • repurposing them in baking recipes

Schedule Regular Coffee Machine Servicing

Equipment and coffee machines for the office, large and small, should be maintained regularly. Complete Coffee offers coffee machine servicing and 24/7 breakdown service for all of our clients. This is so you can always feel comfortable and confident that your commercial coffee machine is always up and running.

Grab a commercial coffee machine from us and gain access to an account representative who can help you navigate your coffee machine repairs and servicing with ease. Meet weekly or bi-weekly to assess your office needs and determine how to make the coffee brewing experience even more seamless in your office.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today. 

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